About Us

The company, through licensed attorneys, provides various legal services, such as providing legal and technical advice, establishing contracts and internal systems, and uniquely providing special departments to deal with intellectual property laws and registering trademarks, another specializing in labor law and workers, and another specialist in the law of owners and tenants, as well And that there is a department specialized in the law of general sales tax and income tax, and a section specialized in real estate management and the collection of its revenues, It also provides tax services to its clients, whether at the Income Tax Department and / or the General Sales Tax Department. The company also undertakes many legal tasks for corporate restructuring, and actively participates in amending the various laws related to and / or encouraging investment. The various legal and technical disciplines are working permanently and continuously to translate Jordanian legislation that it deems to be translated and / or indexed, and in general, a company that includes various legal and technical specialties with very high efficiency It also provides procedural legal services through highly experienced and professional lawyers who have experience in pleading before the Kingdom's courts and executive procedures.