Justice is the basis of ruling

Al Joud law-firm provides several legal services through practicing Jordanian lawyers, such as legal and technical counselling, drafting contracts and internal regulations, our law-firm excel having specific departments dealing with intellectual property laws and the registration of trademarks, in addition to having a specific team to deal with labor disputes, landlord and tenancy laws, and a specific lawyers dealing with taxation in line with public taxation law, income tax, and the incomes of real estates as well as the collection of its debts. Our firm provides the taxation services to our clients, whether the services are within the tax department or in the income tax department. Moreover, our firm is well engaged in amending investment laws aiming to encourage the international investments in Jordan through a well-established legislative environment. Al Joud law-firm cooperates effectively in producing several legal researches and works usually in translating the most important Jordanian laws. Generally, our firm contains several expertise in multiple legal sectors practicing in Jordan containing a very professional team expert in the litigation field and law enforcement in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.